About Us


Founding Philosophy

Bookworm Central is all about igniting young minds through the magic of reading. We curate tailered book fairs and literacy programs, believing in the power of stories to inspire, educate, and connect. Dive into a world where every book is a new adventure waiting to unfold.

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What We Offer

Literacy Services

Inspiring Readers, Inspiring Learners

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Book Fairs

Making Quality Book Fairs Our Business

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Your Own Online Bookstores

Your Space, Your Selections, Your Success

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Guiding Principles

Partnership is an essential pillar in our philosophy. We cannot continue to do the work that we do without the collaborative efforts of....


We collaborate with librarians, PTA leaders, parents, and administration from beginning to end in order to provide them with their ideal book fair.


We work with businesses from all around to find ways to get books in the hand of children.

The Community

We pride our selves on being of service and we could not accomplish that without the wonderful people that are within our community.


They bring their kids to our book fairs, they sign up for our programms. Without them we would be able to achive our goal of furthing knowledge through reading.


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What our partners are saying about us

Warm Words from Our Partners : Inspiring Us Over the Years

"We appreciate your help and support over the years, as well as your dedication to quality literature and educational resources... You have raised the bar for Langley, and we are grateful for that."

-The Langley School

"Bookworm [is] a breath of fresh air in the realm of book fair companies because they understand the power of a well-loved book and its connection to a reader."

-Coleman Elementary School

"[Bookworm] provides my students with a broad selection of books from an unlimited numder of publishers. We receive the best that publishers have to offer. My parents are pleased with the quality of books [making] our book fairs very successful. Bookworm Central is run by people who read and understand literature for children and adults. The entire staff at Bookworm Central is friendly, Knowledgeable, and eager to help."

-Colvin Run Elementary School

"Hands down, the best part of working with Bookworm is the amazing customer service. You are so responsive, kind, helpful, and everyone I spoke with, from tech support to the restock delivery drivers, was WONDERFUL to work with."

-Island Creek Elementary School

"In my 20 years as a media specialist, I have not been as pleased with a book fair company as I have been with Bookworm Central... Their quality selection of book titles and customer service are top notch. The company focuses on readers and people, and it shows in their product and work!"

-New Market Elementary School

"Bookworm is truly a partner to promote a love of reading and learning in our school."

-Nysmith School

"When I opened the carts and boxes on delivery day, the inventory far exceeded my expectations. The time and thought you put into book selection, particularly keeping in mind our themes and demographics, was quite evident."

-British School of Washington

"Bookworm is a small, woman-owned, local business that provides wonderful customer service. The staff is warm, friendly, and responsive to phone calls and emails. We have a truly personal relationship with them. Bookworm has the ethics, customer service and inventory that make every fair successful and make them a partner in other ways as well."

-Cunningham Park Elementary School

"Bookworm Central has been a treasured partner with Mountain View Elementary. The quality of books they provide in their book fairs is outstanding... and restocks and prepaid orders are filled quickly. The staff is incredibly friendly and helpful."

-Mountain View Elementary School

"I am very fortunate to have found Bookworm Central and I hope to continue to work with them to deepen and expand the bilingual literacy goals we have in common."

-Oyster Adams Bilingual School

"Bookworm Central's initiative, collaboration with teachers, and generosity directly impact [our] students who had previously suffered "summer slide"."

-Sudley Elementary School